Social Sustainability

Social Sustainability

One of the priority missions of Cokon Lab is local employment reactivation.

Silk used to be an important industry all over the country that supported the Japanese economy but with the spread of synthetic fibres and the increase in Chinese products, it declined rapidly.

The silk industry of Kumamoto Prefecture which flourished before that also went into decline.
However, nowadays the utility value of silk is showing signs of recovery and Cokon Lab is contributing to the modern silk industry.

Kumamoto once had a flourishing sericulture industry. A reminder of this is Kaiko (Silkworm) Shrine that still remains in Yamaga City.

Social Sustainability

With respect to local reactivation in particular, 70% of employees who work at the “the orchard in the sky” and the year-round organic silkworm breeding plant are from Yamaga City in Kumamoto Prefecture and Cokon Lab creates local employment and contributes to the increase of stable employment opportunities. Through the silk business, we aim to connect people and revitalize the local area.

 In the Japan of today which has issues such as population decline in regional areas, Cokon Lab, which is supported by this attractive, new silk industry, presents a positive stance and, through activities that contribute to the local area, makes it possible to create local employment and reactivate the local economy.

 In this way, Cokon Lab creates silk skincare products with infinite hidden potential with dreams and enchantment on the land of Yamaga.