Natural Materials

Natural Materials

The development of Cokon Lab began with keeping the soil in good condition for the mulberry orchard. The orchard in the sky that was created at a height of 600m above sea level is sustained by the nutrients in the original fertile red clay of Yamaga City and the organically grown healthy leaves become the best food for silkworms, encouraging their growth. These are the blessings derived from the magnificent nature of Kumamoto. And from these, high-moisturizing silk and proteins are produced; we thought that they may draw out the true power of the skin and be useful for daily skincare and that was how Cokon Lab came into being.

In addition to using silk as a raw material, the Cokon Lab body care range adds hydrolysed silk to a good balance of natural fat derivatives and natural plant oils.

Natural Materials

With a unique, comfortable sense of use, scent and designability, we are particular about our raw ingredients and they go through rigorous quality management, created with high-level technology and a rich sense of creativity.

In other words, Cokon Lab was created as a result of protecting the natural strength that lies in silk and the technology that develops it.

How far can silk develop?
We will continue with research and development in the future.