Clean Farming

Clean Farming

The mulberry leaves that are used for feed are grown organically in “the orchard in the sky” created on reclaimed agricultural land that had been abandoned in the mountains at a height of 600m above sea level.

The “orchard in the sky” is a vast 25-hectare mulberry orchard on agricultural land in the mountains with a panoramic view of Yamaga City and from the Ariake Sea to the Shimabara Peninsula in the distance – it really is a great mulberry orchard in the heavens! Furthermore, the silkworm breeding business, which is usually extremely badly affected by agricultural chemicals, is almost never affected by pesticides as our orchard is located far from the flatlands and it is possible to grow organic mulberry leaves that are good for the silkworms.

The mulberry leaves are bright green and growing thickly when it comes to harvest time and their fresh natural scent lingers in the clear air. Seasonal flowers and leaves dusted in rain and dew calm the mind.
They glisten quietly in the sunrise glow and there is a superb view at twilight when the sun sets.

On top of this mountain, far from human settlement, the mulberry leaves are carefully cultivated with nothing but the blessings of nature.
They become the silk used in Cokon Lab.

The design on our packaging is an image of the panoramic view from our orchard in the sky and the beautiful, magnificent mountains.

Clean Farming

The mulberry leaves that are harvested on the mountain are taken to the plant in Yamaga City and transformed into artificial feed. However, silkworms are creatures that are very prone to disease and cocoon production rates depend greatly on the breeding environment.

Therefore, the plant environment where the silkworms are bred makes it possible to produce high-quality stable cocoons with a high level of cleanliness and thorough temperature and humidity management.

This completely sterile breeding facility can be said to be a cutting-edge, year-round organic silkworm breeding plant of the largest scale, even on a global level.